Powering Your Digital Evolution

"Where Robots Handle the Boring Stuff!"


A B2B AI agency specializing in bespoke automation solutions. We enhance efficiency through AI-driven operations, ensuring transparency and fairness. Experience streamlined success with our proven expertise across sectors. Choose efficiency. Choose Active Intuition.

Powering Your Digital Evolution

"Where Robots Handle the
Boring Stuff!"


Active Intuition: Pre-Consulting Overview

Before embarking on your AI journey, Active Intuition’s pre-consulting phase sets the groundwork for success:

Initial Contact: We start with a brief session to grasp your business vision and specific needs.

Preliminary Analysis: Our team conducts an initial review of your current processes and tech infrastructure.

Expectation Setting: We discuss potential AI opportunities and establish realistic goals for achievable outcomes.

This essential phase ensures our strategies are perfectly aligned with your objectives, laying the foundation for a customized and impactful AI integration.

Custom AI Solutions

Customized Intelligence by Active Intuition

Elevate your business with our Custom AI Solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of your enterprise. Our expert team designs and deploys sophisticated AI systems that integrate seamlessly into your operations, enhancing efficiency and decision-making. With a commitment to innovation and ethical practices, we provide agile, industry-specific AI strategies that grow with your business. Partner with us for AI solutions that transform your data into a powerful asset for success.

AI powerd Chatbot's

Enhance Customer Interaction with Our Advanced AI Chatbots

Discover the future of customer service with our AI-powered chatbots. Designed for efficiency and accuracy, our chatbots offer 24/7 support, integrating seamlessly with your systems. Tailored for various industries, they provide personalized responses, ensuring superior customer engagement. Elevate your business communication effortlessly with our intelligent and responsive chatbots.

Process Automation

Streamline Your Operations with Our Cutting-Edge Service Automation Solutions

Embrace efficiency with our AI-driven service automation. Our solutions are engineered to optimize your business processes, delivering speed, accuracy, and scalability. From automating routine tasks to implementing complex workflows, our technology adapts to your specific needs, freeing up valuable time and resources. Experience transformative growth and operational excellence with our innovative service automation.


Step 1:

Consultation and Customization

Begin with a comprehensive discussion to understand your specific requirements, followed by designing a tailored AI solution that addresses your unique business challenges and goals.

Step 2:

Development and

Develop advanced, customized AI models, ensuring they fit your specific needs, and then integrate these solutions smoothly with your existing systems, maintaining operational continuity.

Step 3:


Carefully deploy the AI solution, monitoring its performance for optimal results, and provide continuous support, along with regular updates and optimizations, to ensure sustained success and alignment with your evolving business needs.




Costs decline with AI automation, leading to increased profitability.


With AI, task completion is significantly faster, enabling swift market responsiveness.


Initial AI integration results in a sharp quality increase, ensuring consistent high standards.


AI boosts operational efficiency, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

Our Founder

Jan Weise

Jan Weise, founder of Active Intuition, is a trailblazer in AI-driven business automation. Passionate about efficiency and growth, Jan’s agency crafts bespoke AI solutions that boost profitability and streamline operations. With a blend of technological expertise and business acumen, Active Intuition stands as a beacon for companies seeking to maximize their potential in today’s dynamic landscape.